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Make Your Room Pinterest Worthy -- On a Budget

if you are anything like me, you always make vision boards on Pinterest and wonder, why the hell can't I have nice things like these people.

Well, that's gonna change.

I was really committed to the idea of making a canvas/photo collage on my wall in a fashion theme because, well, it's cute. And once I got that Idea in my head, oh man I got attached more than Friends season 1 Ross was to Rachel.

The more I tried to find the things I wanted to turn my room at school from "just the room in the basement" to an environment where I felt it was mine, the more frustrated I got. Having a champagne taste with beer wallet

As I was printing out photos for my room at school, it hit me. Why would I pay $20-$100 on these canvases that realistically won't make it past move-out day?

Here's how I turned my bedroom into a your Pinterest Goals for under $50 bucks.


I collected several photos of what look of framed-fashion art I wanted on my wall on my phone. I screen shotted them, cropped if I needed to, and sent them to print at the 1-hour-photo on my Walgreens app.


While I waited for the photos to be finished, I went to the dollar store to pick out a hand full of frames (any size $1 a piece) to showcase the prints in.


I went back home, picked the best photos of the bunch, and placed them into frames and organized them on my wall. BAM and the final product is above.


I went back on Pinterest because you know us fashion-lovers are never pleased. UGH, why don't I live in an NYC

apartment with a cute brick wall in my room?


I ordered myself an $8 stick-on brick wall from Amazon, because, why not.


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