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My Response To: Why Are You And Your Boyfriend So Perfect?

Disclaimer: We are far from perfect. 

I get this question constantly and I’m not exaggerating. Like all couples, we butt heads and dislike each other at moments, but we never stop loving each other. 

People usually say, “we accept the love we think we deserve,” and so I guess Perks of Being a Wallflower made us all think we are accepting crappy, deserving love; whatever, this is my motto:

We love others the way we want to be loved. 

Think about that.

Say it again in your head.


That is my number one piece of advice—consider this at all times during your relationship. 

Lemme break it down for you. 

Example: To show Brian affection I’d make him cutesy things or surprise him with food at work. To show me affection, Brian would try to be extra romantic and “make a move.” Before considering this motto of mine, we would shrug off these mutual acts of love and pretend to be into it and get insulted that it was under-appreciated. After realizing we were trying to express acts of love in ways we would want it expressed to us, it gave us an opportunity to change perspectives and tokens of affections.

Starting to make sense? Let’s continue. 

We have the silliest, yet serious little rules to follow to help us never forget why we are in this in the first place.

1) It doesn't matter if we don't talk all day or all night. But, we have to let each other know when either of us gets home safe.