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22 Things To Remember At 22

In honor of my 22nd birthday... Let’s begin. 

1. Your life doesn't have to be figured out yet. “but I switched my major” “but I’m graduating in may” — you and I both know everything happens for a reason. Let it work it’s course.  

2. Sometimes the way you see a person isn't the way they actually are. And the way you would respond to a situation isn’t everyone else’s protocol. Keep this in mind to avoid disappointment.  3. Don't keep in what you feel. Say the words, make the move, regrets are stupid. Make it happen for yourself.  4. It's OK to be selfish.

We are young - we should want the whole world for ourselves. That's not being selfish, that's having goals. My friends always tell me, "I hate saying this, but I think I can do better" or, "I want more than what I have." Then do better and get more; the whole world is at your feet. 5. Forgiveness is key. Growing up I’ve learned that forgiveness isn't about doing the other person a favor— it's about doing yourself a favor. If you don't forgive, you can only go so far before the grudge eats you alive. Damn what an ironic metaphor. 

6. The only person you need to impress is yourself. 

7. Staying in is OK. Half the time I go out, I’m counting down the seconds until I’m back in bed. Focus on you, GF. Everyone needs a night dedicated to themselves once in a while  8. Always leave something better than you found it. This applies to people, too 9. Sometimes you learn, others times you have to unlearn. We grow accustomed to the things we learn everyday. We learn the things that make us weak, we learn how to love someone, we learn bad habits - we are constantly being taught something. But nobody every taught us how to unlearn. I have learned to love and unlearned to love so many times. It's just a recurring cycle that we have to get used to. 10. Live life every day. We are made to feel alive and have the ability feel so much. There's 24 hours in day for a reason so use them!

11. You owe NOBODY an explanation— except yourself. Why? Because you said so. Not “well because, I don’t feel well and I have no money to spend right now and I’m tired and—“ just stop there. Just say no and whoever’s asking “why” will get the point story or no story.  

12. Make your bed every morning. I swear you'll be more productive the rest of the day (why didn't I realize this sooner?) 13. Nothing lasts forever; that’s the good news and the bad news: nothing lasts forever. 14. Let people know you miss them. NEVER, never, be too busy to forget to miss