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17 Things Your BF Wish He Knew When He Signed Up To Date You

When people start to date, It's pretty much an unspoken rule that you would do anything for each other.

As I can tell by my BF's responses to my ridiculousness, I suppose he didn't read the fine print on that "dating me" contract I politely provided for him.

Ugh, as if.


1. He Would have Be your personal photographer and you'd be so proud when he finally figured out the "good" lighting

2. He Would 100% need to be in all snapchats with you-matching filters and all.

3. You require constant affection otherwise you'll implode and probably die

4. You are always hungry.

5. You need about 78 naps a day.

6. But if he thinks you need a nap because you're being moody - shut it down. he's wrong.

7. Without a doubt, every dog you see in public needs to be greeted and pet.