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I Hide 9 Tattoos + You Can, Too

*Old Lady Voice* What a nice young girl you are! And look at you, no ink on that body! You, young lady, are hard to come by these days!

Meh, sorry lady.

I technically have them from my head to my toes. I probably make it sound like I have a full body sleeve of a dragon tattoo— I don’t, don’t panic.

I have small tattoos that I love because they’re like my little hidden gems.


My First Tattoo. I got it on my 18th birthday and had the artist line it up with my bra strap so that it wouldn’t be visible if I didn’t want it to be. 5 hearts for the most important people in my life.


The Moon. Its located on my upper rib cage and I can be selective with what I wear if I choose to showcase it or not. I got it, again, when I was 18 in South Beach on a whim


The wishbone. This one, I may or may not have had it done prom weekend in wildwood...while...maybe or maybe not drunk. Location is obviously on that weird part of your ankle and it hurt so bad. Don’t do it.


Be The Change. Freshman year of college, I was feeling quite the urgency to be ~~independent~~ which resulted in me making my roommate search the slums of asbury for a friendly looking tattoo place. Location is the “underboob”


Oopsie Daisy! On Christmas break of sophomore year of college I was feeling angry because I do what I want when I’m at school, MOM, why do I have curfews when I come home???? So I hopped in my car and got a daisy on my hip to release that frustration.


That tattoo we all get when we think we are going to be world travelers. This is the one tattoo I actually don’t particularly like anymore but it was bound to happen sooner or later. “Go Live” on my wrist; I wanted it to inspire good vibes for me when I went abroad to just go enjoy life and live it to the fullest.


That one tattoo that’s a dare. All my friends one night were like let’s go we are getting our nipples pierced. When we got to the parlor I was like.....I’d rather not that looks painful. But to prove I wasn’t being a baby I got this little guy. It was supposed to go away after a couple months but it’s been three years (:


Matching tattoos with my Grandpa: Coolest day ever. I was visiting my dad’s parents and I was busting my grandpa’s chops about how awesome we would look with matching tattoos. I think I said it, like, every 5 minutes. And then the unthinkable happened: We did it. That day. It was so memorable to experience that with him.


The “In Memory Of” Tattoo. I got this in honor of my mom’s dad who passed away this past summer. I got a Purple Heart on my collar bone because 1) it’s right over my heart 2) he was a double Purple Heart WWII veteran and 3) a Purple Heart also symbolizes love, honor and duty. How I want to live life each day for him.

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