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#NICTIPS: The BEST Places To Buy Bikinis UNDER $50

Most of you, from what I read, are still very upset that Victoria's Secret discontinued their swimwear line; that was never the case for me.

As a self identified bikini hoarder and obsessor, I have TOTES nailed this game so hard that I never have to bikini-repeat and will STILL have money left over to save for spring break.

You asked for it, so before I begin, tell your wallet I said "your welcome."



WHY: This website is an Australian-based clothing company. I know, I know, you're thinking, "why the hell would I buy an international bikini?" WELL, because of this: Australia and the US have opposite seasons-- they are getting ready for winter while we are preppin' for summer. Are you understanding what i'm getting at here? SALES PEOPLE! END OF SEASON SALES!

PERK: They come in sets usually so you don't need to spend extra on separate pieces



WHY: I first realized this store existed when I went to visit my

Dad in Miami and saw this trendy store in the mall.

When I went back to NJ, I was dying to know if