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#NICTIPS: The BEST Places To Buy Bikinis UNDER $50

Most of you, from what I read, are still very upset that Victoria's Secret discontinued their swimwear line; that was never the case for me.

As a self identified bikini hoarder and obsessor, I have TOTES nailed this game so hard that I never have to bikini-repeat and will STILL have money left over to save for spring break.

You asked for it, so before I begin, tell your wallet I said "your welcome."



WHY: This website is an Australian-based clothing company. I know, I know, you're thinking, "why the hell would I buy an international bikini?" WELL, because of this: Australia and the US have opposite seasons-- they are getting ready for winter while we are preppin' for summer. Are you understanding what i'm getting at here? SALES PEOPLE! END OF SEASON SALES!

PERK: They come in sets usually so you don't need to spend extra on separate pieces



WHY: I first realized this store existed when I went to visit my

Dad in Miami and saw this trendy store in the mall.

When I went back to NJ, I was dying to know if

they were in one location or they had a website--

thank GOD they have a website. They are so affordable,

on trend, and reliable .

PERK: Quick shipping



WHY: Talk about middle school PTSD, right? It probably slipped under your radar, but HCO has evolved so much. Their prices, models, aesthetic, prices... everything is so refreshing. I couldn't believe my eyes last summer when I bought that pineapple bikini top for less than $25.

PERK: In like, every mall



WHY: Hey, don't knock it til you try it. Some of the CUTEST bottoms I own were purchased right from my Amazon app. I am a sucker for bikini bottoms with a bow on the behind and Amazon does a great job at supplying those.

PERK: Amazon prime, duhh


#NICTIPS for purchasing from your typical stores (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe) :

A lot of people forget that these stores sell bikinis because they do not physically carry them in most locations. To still set yourself apart from wearing the bikini everyone has, go online to their shops and select: ONLINE EXCLUSIVES, that way, you'll have a unique suit AND get the best prices still.

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