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Confessions From The Hairdresser's Daughter: My Hair Secrets + Tips

It's definitely not a secret that my mom owns a hair salon...

I know this because instead of googling the salon's phone number or checking her website for prices, those wondering about anything involving hair skip the whole "research process" and come full speed ahead into my DMs, snapchats, and texts.

"How much would it be if I got a balayage?"

"Does your mom do ombres?

"Can you get me an appointment for Saturday?

Kids, kids, kids...

I totes get it. I'm like the middle man, but I cannot provide you with answers because half of these things depend on a professional physically seeing your hair (the length, the thickness, checking for damage) or the other half I have no control over.

So, I am going to provide you with my hair secrets + tips that I've learned along the way (some self-learned, others mom-learned) of being the daughter of a hairdresser.

Here are a list questions I frequently am asked; i'll provide you with a #NicTip answer.

Oh, and the mistakes i've made so you don't have to go through that same trauma.

I got you, Boo.


1. Do you have extensions?

Currently, no. But up until recently, always.

They are called "keratin bond" extensions and what that means is at the root of each individual extension strand, there is hardened keratin "glue" (not actually glue-- just acts as it) that is melted into the root of a very, very thin strand of your real hair; this is how they stay in.

Are they expensive? Yes. Each pack of hair is $75+ dollars. For me, I use three packs and my hair is already a decent length before adding them in.

It stops there for me, because, well I know a guy (lol).

To have them professionally installed can cost $300 or more.

They last a long time and are barely noticeable, BUT they do require a lot of TLC.

Did you ever notice them on me?


2. How do I get my hair softer, shinier and stronger?

Most of these tactics are my own I have found with trial and error...The others are tips you come out of the womb knowing.

My mom comes home all the time with of course, top of the line hair care products.

Some I ADORE and some I will never use again. For example, I personally really dislike most professional conditioners because the consistency leaves my hair feeling greasy and unkept.

For a softer, shinier, and stronger hair, def consider trying the following:

A) Alternate shampoo and condition brands every time you wash your hair. Like our skin, our hair can get immune to the over-exposure of the same product, thus becoming less effective.

B) DON'T wash your hair every time you shower

C) Utilize the messy bun more-- the less heat applied, the better. I literally do the bun more than I style my hair; to spice it up, I will add my signature thick headband look OR pull out baby hairs and crimp them

D) Take hair vitamins! I take these:

E) Skip the conditioner one night a week and replace it with putting organic coconut oil on ONLY your ends.

F) Avoid wrapping your hair up in a towel after washing it; it's more damaging than you realize

G) When you DO wash your hair (referring back to not washing it every time you shower) make your last rinse cold water. This naturally shines your hair, relaxes it from the heat, and even better, closes all the pores on your body so dirt won't get in.


3. Have you ever had an "Ombre" done?


PLEASE take my advice:

If you are brunette, no matter how "trendy" it is, for the love of the hair gods, please resist the urge to ombre at all costs.

Remember when the "grey ombre" was in style?

I learned the hard way that behind those tempting grey locks is some serious hair abuse. I spent probably 12 hours in my mom's hair salon, expecting to walk out looking like a pinned Pinterest post. My mom kept telling me "this is a process. Your hair will have to go through several lightening treatments until it's bleached enough to hold the grey." Yeah, Ma, I don't have the time for that.

I was impatient, frustrated, and refused to have half brassy orange hair for weeks on end until my hair lightened up. So, I learned my lesson the hard way. I don't know who I thought I was, because I strolled into Walgreens, bought cheap-do-it-yourself grey hair dye, and attempted mission impossible in my own bathroom. Leaving me with clumps of bleached hair in the sink and a pretty shitty hairstyle.


4. Do I Need A Trim For My Hair To Grow?

This question always stumps people because the answers are both yes and no. If you have crazy dead ends,

but are holding onto them because it gives you length, girl, you gotta let go.

When new hair is growing in from your roots and you have deceased, split ends, its counter productive; there's hardly progress because your hair will reach a certain point of breakage and won't be able to get past it.

Whenever I feel like I've been to harsh on my hair with hot tools, I give myself micro-trims with a pair of scissors. Cutting off the dead ends and the weak pieces to me makes my hair feel longer and have more volume.


Okay kids, any questions?

For real, don't hesitate to ask. That's why I'm here (:

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