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Best. Beach. Waves. EVER. And I'm Not Talking About The Ocean

That's right... I'm talking about these kind-of waves:


Recommendation for curling iron:

I got this bad boy in 8th grade (no joke) at Rite Aid for $20; my life has never been the same since. It's a 1-inch barrel curling iron "Pro Beauty Tools" brand and notice how the rod doesn't narrow in size as it reaches the top AND how there is no clip.

I'll provide a link under my "shop" section and right here where you can click and find one just as good and just as cheap considering they don't make this one anymore... RIP.


1. Section off your hair. It doesn't have to be precise or even-- just throw it in a top knot. Remember, we are going for that ***effortless*** just walked off the beach vibe.

2. Wrap a semi- thin piece of hair around the barrel but DONT wrap the last inch or so-- hold it straight with your fingers and be careful not to burn yourself. Only hold for about 3 seconds so it's not too tight.

3. When you let your hair fall off the barrel and let go of the strand, coil it back up and scrunch it with your hand to solidify the shape of the curl

4. BAM and repeat this process throughout your whole head

5. Straighten the top half of your hair to tone it down just a tad


And there you have it (: Easy and quick

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