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@LiaPalermoFit Taught Me How To Make a "Buddha Bowl" in Less than 10 minutes and WOW - Let

I promise it's easier than it looks and sounds... Let's begin!

Before we get down to bowl-business, I just want to talk about how I met Lia and the importance of women empowerment. We have known each other for roughly a year, but hardly at all. The only time we see each other is exactly how we met-- Me leaving my shift at work and she's coming in or vice versa.

Was it busy?


Okay, see ya later!

But, with each passing shift-switch, we became more familiar and slowly more talkative with each other and naturally I ask for her Instagram info, so I could go home and binge stalk her life like we do to everyone we don't know.

I remember searching her handle to follow her; the page loaded and-Holy CRAP Lia has a 6-pack! As I explored her page I quickly realized she was a super awesome, laid back, undercover fitness and health guru.

So, here's where that empowerment part comes in.

Some girls in situations like this would do one (or all) of the following: 1)Pretend like you never saw this and never bring it up to her to acknowledge her work; 2)Poke fun at her content and make jokes out of jealousy; 3)Undermine her work ethic and passion and say that "Well that's not special, anyone can do that."

I know, I know. We have all been there before and I have been guilty of it, too here and there. It is almost an instinct for girls to view each other as threats. But why is that? The world could be such a beautiful place if we practiced praising other women when credit is deserved.

I never formed any negative thoughts about Lia after seeing learning this about her. It just made me want to get to know her and learn from her everyday fitness strategies.

A few weeks ago, Lia officially separated her fitness Instagram account from her personal account (The two first started out as one, just by Lia living her life, and naturally, she gained a significant audience) and in passing shifts, we quickly talked about possibly collaborating to do a giveaway and help gain exposure for my newborn blog.

Lia, like some girls in situations like this, could have made every excuse in the book to purposely not work with me. She could have thought, "I have 3,000 followers that I worked hard for, why should I give her that exposure right from the start?" But she didn't.

You hear that kids? Girl power. Real, authentic women empowerment.

AND SO, this all brings us to today.


COOKING WITH LIA 101: Making My First Buddha Bowl

You Will Need:

A Bowl

Cutting Board + Knife

Choice of Leafy-Green

Choice of Fruit(s)

Choice of Veggie(s)

Avocado (or other similar healthy fat)

Sweet Potato (or other similar healthy carb)

Time to Assemble Bowl: 10 mins or Less

1. Throw those leafy greens in a bowl