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21 Song Lyrics You Need For Your Next Instagram Caption... You're Welcome

The Millennial struggle-- Captioning the Instagram photos.

Whether you're going through a break-up (or whatever we call it these days... were you even dating?) or going out with your girls, you need a ~~fire~~ caption no matter what occasion.

I got you covered; here are 21 top contenders for your next photo:


1. Song: "She's My 11" - Keith Urban

"She's my Blue-Eyed Dream, my Summer Queen"

2. Song: "Break Up Every Night" - Chainsmokers

"Give me Time, Give me Space, Give me Reason"

3. Song: "Hell Nos and Headphones" - Hailee Steinfield

"Making Love to Jack and Jameson"

4. Song: "Put Me Back Together" - Cheat Codes ft. Kiiara

"You Take me High When I'm Dropping Low"

5. Song: "Your Shirt" - Chelsea Cutler

"Did I Do Something Wrong to Make you Go?"

6. Song: "Say Less" - Dillon Francis (Feat. G-Eazy)

"We Both Know How Weekends Go"

7. Song: "Tell Me You Love Me" - Demi Lovato

"Bad at Love, No, I'm Not Good at This"

8. Song: "Delicate" - Taylor Swift

"We Can't Make Any Promises Now Can We, Babe? But you Can Make me a Drink"

9. Song: "I Like Me Better" - Lauv

"I Like Me Better When I'm With You"

10. Song: "Shout Out To My Ex" - Little Mix

"You Made My Heart Break and That Made Me Who I Am"

11. Song: "Psycho" - Post Malone

"Lil Mama Bad Like Michael"

12. Song: "Consequences" - Camila Cabello

"Loving you Had Consequences"

13. Song: "Ah Yeah So What" - Will Sparks

"I'ma Play it Hot 'Cause I Don't Do Love"

14. Song: "You Don't Know Me" - Jax Jones

"You Can't Get Too Much of a Good Thing"

15. Song: "Jackpot (The Him Remix)" - Jocelyn Alice

"All I Think About Day and Night is Having you in my Dream Life"

16. Song: "Beautiful Trauma" - P!NK

"...And When the Love Doped Out, It was you"

17. Song: "Fragile" - Prince Fox (Feat. Hailee Steinfield)

"I'm Just as Fragile as You"

18. Song: "Beat of the Music" - Brett Eldredge

"Falling in Love to the Beat of the Music"

19. Song: "The Middle" - Zedd (Feat. Maren Morris & Grey)

"Why Don't you Pull me Close, Why Don't you Come On Over"

20. Song: "Forget You" - Dashiki (Feat. Boy Matthews)

"You Find a Way to Stay on my Mind"

21. Song: "Girls on Boys" - Galantis

"Red Heels on a Table, in a Champagne Blur"

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