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Doin' Vegas: Ballin' on a TIGHT Budget

When my girlfriends and I were looking for spring break plans, our first thought was probably like most of yours: Mexico?

That was shot down real fast because most of our parents hit us with a hard NO when bringing that up. So, Next question... Vegas?


The thought of paying for spring break, even months in advance, gave me heart failure thinking about the $600 rent (plus utilities), car payment, and such already on my monthly plate. But how could I let that stand in the way of going on my last spring break vacay EVER? Not to be dramatic, but like, the next girls trips that occurs will probably be bachelorette parties.

Step 1:

Secure the flight, book seats and buy luggage later; the opportunity to purchase check-in bags and pick a sit will be the same prices until the day you leave - flights only get more expensive and booked up

Step 2:

Book the room and push the limits - Lie about how many people will be in the room; during check in, have the people not listed on the room hang back with the luggage

Step 3:

Turn your cash into quarters and don't touch it until you leave

This helped me so much when I was saving to go abroad. Any chance I could, I would count my tips from waitressing and take out 20 bucks and go to the bank and ask for 2 rolls of quarters; I would go home, unravel the rolls, and dump it in a mason jar until it reached departure week. It is so much less temping to spend your money once it's turned into scattered quarters in a jar.

Step 4:

Get a friend like Jessica to build a schedule and find promoters early on, otherwise, you'll be the blind leading the blind