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How To Make False Eyelashes Look REAL (And How To Apply Them)

Eyelash extensions have become a trend that continues to stay relevant in this beauty-obsessed world. I've never had them, but apparently, the maintenance can be compared to getting your nails done--getting tips put on, paying a large amount of money for the initial service, then returning every two weeks to get them filled or opt to let them grow out or fall off.

I considered getting them, but after hearing horror stories about people's real eyelashes falling out, I backed away slowly.

False eyelashes have always been my go-to, it just isn't the best compliment when someone asks you right away, "are those fake eyelashes?" It's like, UGH, yes they're fake, but I'm supposed to apply them so well that you don't even know.

You don't need MAC falsies for $30, but you also do not want to get a pair for 99 cents. Quality is key-- Not luxury, not a bargain, but decent quality. I know it's intimidating staring down all the options, I mean, just look at all of them:



Eyebrow comb, falsies, and your choice of strip-lash glue

***I recommend doing lashes before any other eye makeup

After choosing which lash-pack is most "you," the next step is to take an eyebrow brush (this kind or the spiral works best) and simply comb through the lashes; this will separate the strands and create a less dramatic look and provide a more natural one.

Now, you will gently peel off one lash (remember, there is one strip made for the left eye and one made for the right eye) and apply a thin layer of glue on the edge.

Be sure to cover the whole strip--especially the ends!

NOW, allow the glue to sit for 10 seconds as you blow gently on it so the adhesive becomes tacky.

Why do you do that?

Because when applying fresh glue directly on your lash line, that false will be sliding all over the place. Even worse, your fingers are going to cramp up as you attempt to hold its place while the glue dries.

With both pointer fingers and thumbs, carefully place it where your eyelid meets your eyelashes. The glue dries relatively quick from here, so use your time wisely!

After placing the falsie to rest on your lash line, open your eye and adjust the way it sits gently so it aligns perfectly with your real eyelashes, and seal it with a firm press to the ends.

And there we go! Natural vibe lashes-- this is WITHOUT any eye make up.

And if you wanted to add some makeup, feel free to put mascara over your falsies and add a wing to tie it altogether

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