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Festival Fashion Taste but Dollar Store Pockets

The latest music festival trend seems to be crop tops that tie in the front—which I am totally for. 

With the Firefly Music Festival right around the corner, I found myself looking for something similar to the one above, but couldn’t find any with a price to match its worth. 

Like most overpriced things I find online or in store, I naturally thought I can totally make that. 

Immeditiately I pictured those silly mesh scarves that people never really wear to keep them warm— usually to tie onto their purse to add some fun. 

I went to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, but couldn’t find exactly what I pictured in my head, so I left and forgot about it. 

Saturday, however, I ran in to grab a tumbler cup that I wouldn’t care if I lost.  

And as soon as I walked in, there it was. 

Now, there weren’t many options... we are still talking about the dollar store, here. But this pineapple/striped design wasn’t awful. 

What the heck, I’ll take two, I thought to myself as I walked to the register. 

I got home and I literally took the scarf and tied it around my chest and it actually.... looked.... not bad? Yeah, it looked kind of good. 

My first attempt at it I just used the one scarf. But to add something different than all the others I’ve seen online, I tied the two together and added a cross-piece, as you see above. 

Now that put this idea to the test, I’m going to head to the fabric store to check our fabric I actually like and put a little love into it. Stay tuned, babes!

What do you guys think? 

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