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Quick Kettle-bell Workout For Beginners AKA ME

For Valentine's day, I bought Brian (the BF) this, like, million dollar kettle bell from "On It," and couldn't understand why he wanted it so bad. And let me tell you, I loathed that 40 LB rock-with-a-handle since the day it arrived on my porch.

Carrying it inside was a struggle and workout all in itself; once I un-boxed it, I realized I now had to conceal it... Oh boy.

I naively put it in a cutesy Valentine's gift bag...that collapsed the bottom of it when I picked it up by the pink-lace handles. Trying to manipulate wrapping paper to its shape genuinely made me angry--each time I turned the weight to cover the other side, it penetrated right through the red wrapping paper. FORGET IT. And back in the torn box with the shredded package-peanuts it went. And that was that.

When he opened the kettle bell from the romantic torn Amazon box, he was so genuinely excited. He picked it up as if it was a feather (where was he when the UPS guy dropped it off????) and was showing me all the different workouts you can do with it; apparently it can make working out certain body parts easier than using other methods. "You should get one, too!" He told me.

Yeah, I'll get right on that. During that time, I barely had time to breathe, let alone find time (and strength) to actively use a kettle bell.

Which brings me to two weeks ago when I was at the motherland, or you may know it as TJ Maxx. I saw the cutest pink kettle bell (can they be called cute?) for $5.99 and decided that I needed it. So like most things I buy from TJ Maxx on impulse, it sat on my floor for these past two weeks, until this morning...when I stubbed my toe on it.

FINE, i'll use you. Here goes nothing!

***Using a 5lb bell

1. Stretch + Warmup!

Open up your hips; stretch your lats and arms. Loosen your neck-- Do what feels good.

2. Deadlift (Butt and Legs)


3. Russian Swing (Arms and Legs)


4. Around the World (Core and Shoulders) KEEP YOUR CORE TIGHT + HEAD STRAIGHT


5. Switch-up Toss (Upper Arm Toning)


REPEAT for 3!

kettlebell: Brand: Tone Fitness | Store: TJ Maxx

yoga mat: Brand: Incline | Amazon

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