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Why I Changed The Name of My Blog

So, if you haven't already noticed, I changed my blog name from "Marble and Mascara" to "Get Chic By Nicole." I originally chose "Marble and Mascara" because it was a catchy name to describe the two things I wanted to write about: Fashion and Lifestyle. In the past, I wanted to keep my blog identity and my personal identity two separate pieces.

But, the other morning I was thinking over a cup of coffee. Sometimes, I focus too much on branding and too little on who I am as a writer/creator. I wanted to merge the two and allow myself to be the face of a project I'm proud of. When I made jewelry under "Bohemian Vibe" nobody really knew it was me, and I liked that. I would speak to customers via DM and giving the brand a voice.

Now, I figured out that it's okay to let my brand give me a voice and platform; adding my name in the title allows me establish a form of intimacy with people and brand myself along the way. I hope you like it and will still keep reading-- it's still me and still the same content, just a new vibe :)

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