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When you aren't the camping type, but are going to a camp-out-week-long festival, here's wha

OK so, I guess if you judged me like you'd judge a book by its cover, it's safe to say I'm not the camping type. Don't get me wrong, I can totally "hang" however when I feel dirty--or use a porta-potty one too many times--I can get grumpy.

In the picture above, you can see my boyfriend and I at last year's Firefly music festival; we went for one day and lived happily ever after back at our hotel (that we took an Uber back to...where we showered...and used real toilets...and slept on real beds...) 

This year, obviously, we decided to go all-or-nothing considering next summer, we will probably be "real people" with "real jobs" and therefore, would not have the chance to experience a full Firefly music festival. 

...Is it too late to book a hotel?

Air B&B offers, anyone? 

(P.S. did you know the two ''B's'' in their name stands for "bed and breakfast" ??? I'm the only one who didn't know that?)

Anyways, I digress. 

The last time I went legit camping--if it's even justifiable calling it 'legit'-- was freshman year of college with two of my girlfriends. We were so eager to get involved and do everything, so when we saw that there was a horseback riding camping trip in Pennsylvania we immediately signed up. Next thing ya know, we are standing in the middle of the woods with a dissembled tent, in the rain, and definitely not enough blankets. Long story short, I was lucky I found a bottle of Advil P.M. in my backpack, because we each took one and knocked out to avoid any campfire songs or muddy/woodsy festivities at all costs.

Now, I find myself packing for a 5-day-long camping trip and I can't help but wonder if I'll grow a beard like my dad used to on his camping trips. Or better yet, if I'll even survive. 

Alright alright, I'll cut it with the drama. In all honesty, I'm super excited and am without a doubt overpacking. If you dislike camping but have serious festival FOMO, here's what to bring in your suitcase/duffle: 

  • definitely double the amount of outfits you'd normally bring, consider you'll be in a better mood if you change out of your sweaty clothes halfway through the day

  • a knock--off CamelBack backpack from Walmart because Lord knows we need to hydrate and I won't remember to drink it unless it's through a straw on my back

  • dry shampoo. the biggest bottle. end of story.

  • two razors. in case you drop one or someone asks to borrow yours "you can just keep it" *cringe*

  • same goes for tooth brushes...maybe even deodorant 

  • face wipes 

  • any other area of the body wipes

  • Lysol/Febreze for the tent/the make-shift bed at the end of the night

  • Advil PM in case you cannot fall asleep and hate feeling sticky 

  • Batteries because let's face it someone is going to need them on the campsite; I bet 5 bucks someone asks and I can't wait to pull them out of my bag

  • towels so when you have an opportunity to wash your body, drying off will feel that much more cozy than air-drying

  • pillows and extra pillow cases in case someone takes a nap in your tent and their face was all sweaty--ew

  • Fake eyelashes so even when you don't look like you're enjoying camping, your eyes make it look like you're loving life

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