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What I Wore and More: Firefly 2018

Firefly 2018 was the best 5 days I never want to do again.

...Unless we trade our tent for a hotel next year.

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised with myself. Since it was my first real time camping, I wanted to experience it the real way--and let me just say, I can't believe people go camping without the whole music festival incentive.

However, it was such an amazing experience getting even closer to my friends and bonding over our love of music. The memories that were made were worth every penny and every bug bite.

Although I tried to keep traditional camping strategies (showering with a gallon of water, etc.) I knew I had to try to keep my festival fashion next level.

I usually overpack when I go away, but knew I had to be very picky this time around when it came to what fit in my duffel bag.

Here's what I wore:

Day 1:

I-look-like-I-am-at-the-wrong-festival outfit

Clearance purple dress: Forever 21 (Monmouth Mall) ...$2.50

Knock-off Converse: Five Below...$5.00

paired with retro shades, eye jewels, and a top knot

Day 2:

Sporty but here to party-hardy

Faux silk sports set: Amazon...$12.99

Knock-off Converse: Five Below...$5.00

Styled with "Kylie Braids"

Day 3:

Groovy and Wavy

orange bralette: Tj Maxx...$4.99

Lariat necklace: Katherine's in Point Pleasant...$36 (I had to have it)

Paired with oversized Ray Bans | Styled with pig tails and some serious waves from taking out the braids

Day 4:


Tied Front Bralette: Forever 21...$11.99

Styled with space-buns hair and two scrunchies

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