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No Hassle DIY Vanity Mirror (Under $25)

For almost 2 years, I've been obsessing over vanity mirrors--but also depressing over them. I was so disappointed when I researched them, they were over $300 with shipping, tax, AND without the bulbs. Not worth it, sorry Hollywood Studio XL vanity :(.

After YouTubers and Vloggers came to this same realization, they began tutorial videos--which required some dedicated labor. Drills, wood, assembling, much commitment that I came to the conclusion it just wasn't meant to be. Over it.

I forgot about the dumb mirror for a while. I honestly use pharmacy store makeup and don't know ANYTHING about makeup artistry, I just wanted it for decoration in my room.

Flash forward to a few months ago, my friend at school had asked me to drive her to a thrift shop to pick up a side table (Furnished with Love in Long Branch). I said absolutely and we hopped in the car. While she was verifying her pick-up order, I walked around the store and scoped out the furniture.

I saw a stack of mirrors in the corner and thought to myself, "maybe I can finally make that mirror." And as I sifted through the pile, I found THE one.

I assumed it would be somewhat pricey, so I didn't plan on buying it, but I figured I'd ask anyway to know for sure. "That one? $7." NO WAY. My eyes lit up and before I could even say anything, my girlfriend bought it for me in return for taking her to pick up that dresser. (Love you, D).

As we all know, I'm an Amazon addict and began searching things like "vanity-lights-adhesive" ...and OF COURSE they had it. #Blessed.

I waited until Prime Day to see if it would be discounted, and to my surprise, it was.

It came in the mail just this afternoon, and I'll show you how easy it was to assemble.

It's as easy as it looks. Just peel, stick, and plug in. I am sooo pleased with how bright the LED lights are. 10/10.

Who's off to go make one next?


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