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I Tried Lash Extensions for 1 Month and Here's the Low-Down:

Shakespeare spoke for all us lash-lovers when he said, "To get lash extensions or not to get lash extensions, that is the question."

Okay well maybe he didn't say that exactly. BUT if he were alive today, that would knock "to be or not to be" right out of the water, because we are dealing with a logic of equal importance.

I heard mixed reviews on lash extensions. I heard they were expensive, but worth it; could be compared to getting your nails filled every two weeks. I had originally decided against it, but when I saw an opportunity to be a "model" and get free lashes installed in exchange for allowing the artist to practice, I couldn't say no.

The process took about 3 hours, so if you are impatient (me) and can't sit still (also me) you'll find this...anything but relaxing. BUT that's just me--my mom, for example, is a person who would find it calming.

I asked the artist every question in the book (sorry).

Q: Is it true your real eyelashes fall out?

A: They won't if you take really good care of your lashes. Brush them everyday, avoid products with oil, use waterproof eye makeup.

Q: What's the difference between the lashes you use and the ones I see advertised at nail salons?

A: Those lashes are the ones you can find in a drug store. They use the wrong lash and the wrong glue. It's a recipe for disaster. The professional ones are single lashes attached at the root of each eyelash strand.

Slowly but surely, three hours went by. And suddenly, the waiting and stirring was worth it because I was IN LOVE with my new eyes. I booked my appointment for a refill in two weeks and left feeling like a superstar.

But I questioned that love as soon as I got home.

I found myself struggling performing my usual routines. I had to avoid sleeping on either side of my face, giving my eyes a good rub after taking out my contacts, washing my face properly, and avoid makeup like my top eyeliner and my eyeshadow due to the oils in them.

And as much as all that sucked, I loved waking up for the day practically ready to walk out the door. I decided to follow through with my refill appointment.

Normally, a set of lashes is around $250 and a two-week refill is $75 (the longer you wait to refill, the more the price goes up). Also, if you're a decent human being you can't forget to tip the stylist. $200 a month on lashes suddenly seemed less interesting.

I had a love hate relationship with them; I let them all fall out by themselves and YES my real lashes are still here (Thank God).

If you are thinking about getting these done and are on the fence, I'll save you the money and suggest to spend the money on a really good mascara.

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