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Getting over a break up: both a mess and a masterpiece in the making.

Well, I never thought I’d be writing a blog post entitled that.

Then again, I never thought I’d write about a lot of things, but here I am, still standing.

If you haven’t been in the loop, this is your official welcome. So yes, this is my break up post.

And with that being said, I'll be the first to agree that blogs are weird...

...because one half of me asks “why be so candid with strangers?” but the other half of me knows you guys aren’t strangers...

This is my platform, you’ve been with me through this journey, and I owe you some type of an explanation.

And quite honestly, I didn't plan or anticipate publishing anything of this sort. But as reality set in and people reached out to me, I decided if I can help one person dust the dirt off and begin again, then sharing my experience would be undoubtedly worth it.

Long story short, I was broken up with. And I have no bad energy towards that ideal.

I understand that was a choice the other person had to make in order to benefit his own life. I understand that. It took me a little, but I think I fully understand it now.

And now I can breathe. The worst is over, my worst fear came true, and I survived. Look at me— my world ended and began again.

I’m still here.

There’s no proper way to lend out advice to you if you’re going through a similar situation, but if you are, you’ll be okay and you're definitely not alone.

Here's a list of things, both candid and planned, that either taught me or helped me come out stronger than I could have ever imagined, and ultimately, changed my perspective of the situation from a negative one to a positive one.