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Catching Up with Billy Nally, Drummer of “The Wrecks” : One Year After Our First Interview



The Wrecks


Nicole: it’s been over a year since I last interviewed you. I bet it’s been crazy, but what has changed since we last spoke?

Billy: It’s been a year already? That’s crazy. Over the last year we switched over to Sony which was cool for us. I’ve been dreaming about being on a major label my whole life. We finally are touring in a big tour bus and not a van anymore too which makes a world of a difference. Getting to fly down the highway watching Direct Tv, playing Xbox, having a place to make food and everybody has a nice bunk to sleep in. Nothing beats a bus !

Nicole: And that time when we last interviewed, “Favorite Liar" had over 5.5 million Spotify streams, has that grew?

Billy: Favorite Liar is still our biggest song, right now it’s at almost 12 million which is pretty crazy. It’s crazy seeing 12 million next to the name when some bands I listen to on a daily basis don’t have 12 million streams on a single. Pretty cool feeling for sure.

Nicole: Have you been on tour, played any festivals, if so which ones? Describe the experience, the best part/ the worst part

Billy: We we’re actually doing a bit of both. We were on tour with a band called New Politics for about 2 months and then went out with our friends in The Maine. I actually turned 21 on the last night of tour with The Maine so that got pretty crazy. We have been in the studio recording our first full album so that has taken up most of our time this summer but we still got to play a few festivals which was most likely my favorite part of this summer. Playing festivals I watched on Paladia growing up was the coolest feeling ever. From walking on stage to tons of people at BottleRock festival, to playing in 100 degrees at Lollapalooza or to running around in the pouring rain at Bunbary Festival!

Nicole: Are you headlining a tour soon, or going on a tour opening for other bands any time soon? If so when?