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Amazon Must-Haves February 2023

She's back and the Amazon addiction is still very much alive. Let's get into some must-haves.


1) First up we have THE BEST under-eye concealer in the world. Not kidding. THE BEST. I cried at work one day (because who doesn't love a good midweek breakdown?) and NONE of my under eye concealer came off. 10/10, 5 stars, stop what you are doing right now and hit "add to cart."


2) With that being said, behind every great concealer is a great primer. if you do not use primer before putting on your makeup, now you do. Or else. THIS is the one. Hands down I will never go back to life before this primer.


3) I promise this isn't a makeup themed piece. This make-up organizer changed my life. I no longer leave the house with my makeup sprawled all over the bathroom sink. Everything has a place now and there is a place for everything. I love how it is see-through, so everything is visible. Also, acrylic is very in style these days.


4) If you saw Selena Gomez's initial earrings and swooned like me, this one is for you. Hers are glamorous and very dramatic; I was inspired by this but wanted something for everyday wear. That lead me to these amazing earrings. I'm a gold-jewelry girly however if silver is your thing, there are silver options available! Also, they are not too heavy and perfectly sized.


5) This lip mask will make your lips feel like a silky pillow. I usually apply it right before bed and I wake up without a sign they were ever in need of hydration.


6) I had this cup before I got the viral "Stanley Mug", and this is the best dupe of it. I love the silicone straw topper because nobody likes the feeling of a metal straw in between their teeth. I've been trying to find a topper like this for my Stanley and I can't find one anywhere! This water jug that fits in your cars cupholder and has a sturdy handle is 10/10. PLUS I swear this will have you drinking so much water a day.


7) AND BECAUSE OF ALL THE WATER I'M DRINKING, I wanted to make sure I wasn't flushing out any of the "good stuff" my body needs, so I found these Electrolyte Drops. The description states:"Avoid Electrolyte Deficiencies By Keeping Up With Your Body’s Electrolyte Requirements. As your body becomes fat adapted and depleted of carbs, it has a tendency to need more electrolytes."


8) If it comes in pink, I need it. This vitamin/medicine organizer is so cute; you will never miss a day of your vitamins! It is even sturdy enough to throw in your purse, you can try the lids won't pop open!


9) Shameless self-plug...I wrote another self-care journal! You need it, because well, I made it with a lot of love and warm intentions! Check it out right here!


10) I LOVE THIS STUFF! (Eyebrow gel, if you will) I ordered it in the clear, however it also comes tinted! This non sticky and transparent brow glue gives you extra strong, 16 hour extreme hold instantly, allowing you to style brow hairs and hold them in place.


11) These are the PRETTIEST, BEST QUALITY glue-on nails i've ever had. (Trust me, I've tried MANY brands). I don't go to the nail salon much these days (sitting there gives me anxiety) so doing them at home is my new thing.


12) This "seasonal depression" / "happy lamp" not only is supposed to mimic the beneficial effects of the sun (Like Vitamin D) BUT it also makes the perfect "selfie light" and it provides the perfect clean, white light to brighten up your room at night. I even use it to take product photos for work!


12) This cute, chunky wristlet keychain! I am obsessed with mine and I always get so many compliments! (Sounds silly, compliments on a keychain, right?)


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