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Planning an Engagement Party


Getting engaged involves 2 core practices a man must follow. The first is, of course, ask the wifey-to-be’s parents if they can marry their daughter. The second and most important one is: consult the wifey-to-be’s BFF and coordinate a nail appointment. Who wants to have crusty finger nails when everyone will be asking “let’s see that ring!"

ANYWAY - My bff Audrey was apparently assigned this mission. "Let's get nail appointments for this week," she suggested. Her asking me this triggered a “I’m totally getting engaged this weekend” mode. Audrey was a rockstar actress and a total vault as she insisted “it’s happening soon but not this weekend,” but I remained skeptical as I accepted her reassurance, yet still packed my whole closet of clothes just to be safe.

Flash forward to that exact weekend & Nick getting down on one knee and sobbing my eyes, feeling so much love and happiness that I’ve never felt before. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

At the time, Nick and I had “only” been dating a year and some change. So to outsiders it may have seemed “soon” -- I even considered captioning my picture, “Im engaged and no I’m not pregnant!” but I figured, eh, it would be more fun letting them think whatever they wanted to think. But what people dont know, besides our dads being best friends, is Nick and I literally grew up together. My big brother’s first dirt-bike was passed down to Nick when he was 7, and that was his first dirt-bike. So reconnecting with Nick and learning our childhood history, timeframe of dating wasn’t really a factor for us. When you know, you know!



My first Google searches approx. 3.5 hours of being engaged: “Should I have an engagement party? “I just got engaged. When should I have my engagement party?"

And basically I learned 3 things. 1.) Engagement parties are a relatively newer concept 2.) If you are waiting a longer time to have a wedding, an engagement party is nice to have to have families mingle and keep the excitement momentum 3.) 3 months after you are engaged is the perfect time to have your engagement party

*counting the months using my fingers* August, September, October...October it is. I knew it had to be outside due to Covid Restrictions and I was hopeful for warmer fall weather

Nick was laying next to me probably thinking:

First night as a fiancée and I already was party planning in my head. Then I put those thoughts to bed because I wanted to be in the moment.



The first concern was, for both of us, is that since both of our families are divorced, a lot of people attending could potentially be "uncomfy" in the presence of others, so we wanted to be mindful of this. In reality, nobody was, but still, my heart was in the right spot. Therefore, I decided not to have a “sit down” or a “buffet” because I didn’t want anyone who felt uncomfortable (between Covid and other situations and so on) to feel like they had to endure a state of anxiousness long enough just to be able to eat. I wanted constant flowing appetizers and bites. So in case anyone wanted to just stop in then dip, they could leave with a happy belly!



I was searching local venues/breweries/wineries and stumbled across