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Things I Bought From Amazon That I Love: The Sequel

I'm back at it again to tell you about some fun things I bought on Amazon Prime that I think are worthy enough to tell you about! Let's get right into it.

  • First things first - I created this really fun journal and it is now available on Amazon! Say what?!

I wanted to create the journal that I always needed. For $9.99, you get a combination of lined pages, blank pages to doodle, blank pages for your ideas, a spot for self affirmations/what you are grateful for, coloring pages and daily mental health check ins. How fun?!

Plus, if you choose to get one, you are of course supporting me! Thank you in advance if you choose to purchase my "Get Chic Done" journal!

Click here to get yours.

  • I ALWAYS get compliments on my Louis Vuitton inspired apple watch band. Everyone is always so surprised to hear I got it on Amazon! I've had this band for almost 4 years and it has held up PERFECTLY.

And better yet... It's only $15.99!!!!

This isn't a want, ladies [and gents] it's a NEED.

Click here to get yours.