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Things I Didn’t Need but Bought from Amazon That You Now Need

I’d like to say “your welcome” to Amazon Prime for keeping them in business over the years.

You never know what to expect when you order from Amazon, so here is a list of items (Part 1) I was pleasantly surprised with:


1.) This 1 gallon water bottle that somehow makes me drink a gallon of water a day when prior to this I was googling, “Does the water from making my coffee count as drinking water?” Plus, its 2021, lets leave dehydration behind. Get yours here:

Cute little motivations!!


2.) For Christmas, Nick ordered me this exact facial steamer from Urban and WHEN I TELL YOU I WAS SHOOK looking at my pores...and all the hidden blemishes that surfaced... I was impressed and disgusted at the same time.



3.) These shower steamers because show showers + stress + essential oils = relaxation...Plus, it’s time consuming to take a bath, so you get the best “bath bomb” experience with these guys.


4.) THESE. “Eye Masks for Dark Circles and Puffiness Disposable Soothing Headache Relief Dry Eyes, Stress Relief Relief Eye Fatigue” This is a constant re-order for me. They are SELF-HEATING and they are so ideal before bedtime; here’s why: “They” say that before bed, you should put your phone down and decompress from the blue light for about 15 minutes for a better night of sleep; you’re supposed to leave the eye masks on for 15 minutes. You’ll wake up feeling and looking really refreshed, trust me.



5.) So you definitely do not NEED this, however this was a fun (impulse) purchase I made with thoughts of making a cute date night for Nick and I; recreating the outdoor dining/igloo trend: It fits two chairs comfortably and then you can use the shelving to hold your food/drinks/music speakers/etc. Wasn’t too hard to set up!


6.) DIY Coaster set - comes with enough to make 5 coaster sets (4 units per set). PERFECT for custom gifting or whenever you’re feeling artsy & crafty. I painted so many coaster sets for Christmas this year! I think a really fun Idea would be to cut up magazines and make a collage on them, topped off with some clear mog-podge finish. PLUS this would be a cute idea for your lover for Valentine’s Day!


7.) This heated mousepad. Nick got me one from Urban for Christmas, but when I was explaining what I wanted I was showing him this link; I think they are both the same brand honestly. Anyway, my hands are ALWAYS so cold in the office, using the mouse was something I never knew I would dread. THIS INVENTION is genius, your hand stays warm without getting sweaty and everyone who uses a mouse needs one.


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