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BRB, went to Miami for the weekend.


I can’t believe the last time I visited my dad here in Miami was TWO years ago for my 21st birthday. I am so happy I finally made the trip and I am even more excited to get into a routine of booking more weekends with him in 2019.

The night before my flight I decide to review my flight info to send to my dad. Every time I book some kind of travel arrangement, I have to screw it up somehow. So naturally, as I skim the words on my screen I notice it says: Atlantic City ----> West Palm Beach.

Excuse me??? West Palm Beach? I always only flew into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) ... ***Instant panic***

I plug in my dad’s address and West Palm Beach’s airport into Google Maps and am somewhat relieved to see that it’s only an hour away from his house. (FLL is about a half hour). I text him the whole “I-have-bad-news-and-good-news” bit...

...But it turned out to be both bad news and bad news again. With the combo of landing during rush hour and crappy Florida drivers, it took my dad over 2 hours to get me AND another 2+ hours to get home. How’s that for an entrance, Dad? (Still sorry about it, but loved catching up with you in the car).



Good Morning, Miami!

The weather was predicted to be cloudy/rainy all weekend, but today was looking like the best bet to go out and hope for a little sunshine without rain. “Do you want to walk down to the beach right now and check out Wynwood later on?” My dad asked. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

YEARS ago, my dad mentioned to me that he thought I would love this little hidden “Artsy-town” called Wynwood. (Now, it is so well-known and far from a hideout.) And boy, was he right. But I’ll get to that in a second.

We had the whole beach to ourselves; we just went along the edge of the ocean and collected so many sea shells.

P.S. does anyone know if I can get them through TSA?

We went home, freshened up, and called an Uber to Wynwood. First we went to the Wynwood Diner which is, of course, unbelievably artsy and surprisingly reasonably priced. Also, may I add it’s the complete opposite of a diner. It looks like it came straight from a Pinterest board.

So, back to Wynwood. It’s in the “Art District” of Miami and as you can tell, every single building is anything but ordinary. There’s little shops and eateries, bars that turn into night clubs, and food trucks and street vendors. One of it’s biggest attractions is the “Wynwood Walls,” which is a garden-type-walk-through of street art murals and vintage-feeling exhibits. On top of that, it’s free to walk through and taking photos are encouraged.

I got the coolest pair of earrings from a street vendor-- they were $25, and I would normally never even consider buying costume jewelry worth more than 2-for-10-bucks at Charlotte Russe. But these were so different and handmade... In conclusion, I needed them. My dad: “You’re going to wear your ears?” LOL.

But again, NATURALLY, I take them out of the bag and stage the scene, snap a photo...AND I LEFT THEM THERE. (Shout out to my dad for driving back there this morning to pick them up).


Today’s my last day; it’s rainy and cloudy but I couldn’t care less. Just lounging around the house with my dad was just as fun as galavanting yesterday. I am so lucky to have this relationship with my dad, no matter how far away we are from each other.


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